Astrological Events in the First Half of March 2019

Mercury Retrograde March 5th-28th

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces from March 5th-28th 2019

We’re kicking off March with an especially messy Mercury retrograde. While you might have already been feeling the shadow period of Mercury retrograde for the past couple of weeks, Mercury officially stations on March 5th 2019. We experience a Mercury retrograde about three times a year, so it’s certainly not the end of the world. However with Mercury being in one of its least favorite zodiac signs – Pisces – this one might be more intense than others.

Along with being in Pisces, Mercury is closely conjoined by Neptune, a planet associated with illusion, dreams, and fogginess. While any Mercury retrograde can cause trouble with communication, misunderstandings, and technical difficulties, you might find these things especially problematic during March 2019.

New Moon March 6th

The March 2019 new moon in Pisces on March 6th is the perfect time to start sowing seeds.

The day after Mercury stations retrograde, we have a new moon also in Pisces. New moons are a time of beginnings and setting intentions.

March 6th is an excellent day to plant literal and metaphorical seeds. If you’re a gardener looking forward to the end of winter, sowing your seeds now will likely ensure a healthy harvest.

If you’re not planning on planting any actual seeds this season, think about what intentions or goals you’d like to set for the coming month. Get out your journal and write down what you’d like to accomplish this month, and check back in on the full moon!

Uranus Moves Into Taurus March 6th

Uranus is moving into Taurus for an 8 year long stay starting March 6th 2019

On the same day as this month’s new moon, Uranus changes signs. Some planets, such as Mercury, move through the zodiac signs quickly as they’re closer to the sun and have shorter paths. However, Uranus only changes signs about every eight years! This is the mark of a new almost decade long era.

Expect things to shake up for better or worse in whichever area Taurus is in your natal chart. In May 2018 we experienced a brief period of Uranus in Taurus, before he retrograded back into Aries. Think back to any big events in your life during that time, it’s likely you’ll see more of that coming to you soon.


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