Five Handmade Planters for Your Urban Jungle

As your urban jungle is growing, you’ll probably want some unique containers for your plants. The right planter can turn an already gorgeous plant into some really cool home decor. Check out these top five interesting, beautiful, and handmade displays for your houseplants available on Etsy!

Ceramic Goddess Head

The Sassy Goddess Head planter is made by mygardengoddess on Etsy. This gorgeous and fun piece has a 5×6″ wide opening for plants and is 5″ tall. There is a drainage hole in the bottom – which is super important for keeping healthy houseplants! It also has a hole through one nostril, allowing you to get creative with your planting.

Mygardengoddess describes their process for making these imaginative planters as follows:

“This sculpture piece is an original design and sculpted by me. After making a mold I cast concrete into the mold and paint an acrylic stain onto the stone to create a beautiful patina effect. The color helps enhance the details of this piece and also protects the stone from the outdoor elements. This piece is also treated with a matte UV protector and sealer for concrete to make the piece last.”

Frida Kahlo Planter

This handmade ceramic planter features famous artist Frida Kahlo. This creator on Etsy, SeeleneLaMoon, seems to have a deep interest in Frida. Many of their ceramic pieces feature her. In SeeleneLaMoon’s shop description they say “These Fridas are beautifully crafted with much love. My biggest happiness is to light up my followers face with a smile when they receive their Fridas at home.”

Each planter is one of kind.

Along with the planter, this Etsy listing includes four succulents! The succulents are not pre-planted, allowing you to arrange them however you’d like.

Recycled VHS Planter

This recycled VHS indoor planter is truly unique. Made by Etsy seller niftyrecyclables, this piece is perfect for smaller houseplants like succulents. The VHS is hollowed and lightly spray painted. While it is waterproof and leak proof, this planter has no drainage hole so is best for plants that need less watering. 

Niftyrecyclables says “VHS tapes are slowly becoming obsolete, so why not use them for something else! Size of a regular VHS tape: 7 3/8″x4″x1″ and opening for plant is 5 1/2″x3/4″”

Colorful Face Planter

This super whimsical ceramic planter is titled “So much color”. The artist, MuddyRiverClay on Etsy, makes a variety of these cartoony face planters in their studio in Portland, OR.

This piece stands approximately 6″ tall and 5″ wide and does have a drainage hole in the bottom.

MuddyRiverClay describes this one of a kind planter saying “This face planter is designed to be planted indoors or out (in all but extreme temperatures). The piece has a calm face and is glazed in various high fired glazes.” 

Half Moon Hanging Planter

This porcelain clay half moon planter has a great shape for hanging while lying flat against your wall. The artist, ElizabethBenotti, hand makes a huge variety of artisan planters.

This piece, titled Daybreak, is available in three different sizes. Each planter is made to order and one of a kind.

ElizabethBenotti describes this hanging planter by saying “Add some plant life to your home with this modern half moon shaped planter. Hang it flat on a wall or in a window. Mix and match color and sizes to create a plant medley. They complement other artwork or shelves you may have on your wall. The planter is strung with black waxed cotton cord has a porcelain half moon shaped “D” ring to grab onto a hook.”

*The above includes affiliate links. All products and images belong to the linked parties.


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