Peace Lily Care Tips

Peace lily plants are easy to care for and purify the air

Peace lilies make great houseplants for a number of reasons. They’re listed by NASA as an air purifier, they’re aesthetically pleasing, and they’re relatively easy to care for. While peace lilies do require regular watering and humidity, they are much less finicky than most tropical plants. Owning a peace lily plant is ideal for an over-waterer, a plant parent who loves to give their plants attention, or anyone wanting try out tropical houseplants.


Peace lilies need a lot of water but be care not to over water them

Peace lilies like their soil to be consistently moist. However, just like with any plant, root rot is still possible. Soil should be damp but not drenched. Make sure the container has adequate drainage.

If you don’t trust yourself not to water too much, try watering from the bottom. Place a dish of water under the plant’s container and let it soak up the amount it needs. After a few minutes, remove the dish if there is still water in it.

Like many plants, peace lilies are sensitive to the chemicals and minerals in tap water. It’s best to water them with distilled water or filtered water. However if that isn’t an option for you, leaving tap water sit for 24 hours before using it helps.

Peace lilies can be grown in water without soil. They’re often sold this way. However, if you choose this method of growing be sure to add a barrier between the base of the plant and the water. While the roots will do fine in water, if the stem or leaves stay submerged they will likely rot.


Since peace lilies are tropical plants, they like high humidity. Unlike many other tropical plants, regular watering can be enough to substitute for extra humidity. But if you want your plant to thrive as much as possible, I would recommend keeping it humid.

This can be done by keeping a humidifier in the room with your plant. However if you don’t own a humidifier or want to purchase one, you have other options. I regularly spray my peace lily plant with a water mister. The water evaporates off of the leaves and creates humidity.


A pot of a peace lily houseplant on a dining table

Peace lilies are often advertised as “low light” plants. In my experience, this is untrue. It’s true that peace lilies don’t like direct light, and their leaves can burn in too bright of sun. But when I’ve kept my peace lily in low light areas, it starts to brown and no longer puts out flowers.

Ideally this plant should have medium or indirect light. An east facing window should work well. A west facing window that gets indirect light will also make your peace lily happy.

Are Peace Lilies Toxic to Pets?

Yes, peace lilies are toxic to cats and dogs. So keep them out of reach of your pets!

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